Terms and Conditions

This regulation provides Streetshop ONE’s sales and operating conditions.

All of these conditions apply to the web environment https://www.streetshopone.ee

Privacy and Data Protection

Personal data is not provided to third parties.

Addresses and contact info are only shared securely with your chosen postal service provider.

The Streetshop ONE website has a principle of privacy of personal data and e-mail, we are committed to protecting the privacy of the website users. Urban Classics Estonia OÜ has the right to provide necessary data to postal service providers (Omniva, Itella, DPD) to deliver orders. Urban Classics Estonia OÜ has the right to send newsletters to the customer’s e-mail address, if the required permission has been given in the user account settings. Urban Classics Estonia OÜ-l has the right to unconditionally and without delay revoke access to our services should the user violate the terms of use, notifying the user in the process. We also have the right to forbid access to https://www.streetshopone.ee from computers which have been detected performing hostile actions against the e-shop.

The reproduction, copying or dissemination of advertisements and images on the website https://www.streetshopone.ee without permission from Urban Classics Estonia OÜ Is forbidden. Urban Classics Estonia OÜ has the right to change and/or modify the contents, parameters, limitations, procedures etc. of https://www.streetshopone.ee without notifying the user.

Buying at our online store

Our e-shop products reach you within a maximum of 12 working days.

Orders from our e-shop will reach you within a maximum of 12 business days if you’re located in Latvia, Lithuania or Finland. Orders will you reach in 10 business days if you’re residing in Estonia.

To make a purchase, add the desired products to the shopping cart, confirm the shopping cart, enter your details and choose an appropriate payment method (your banking service provider or PayPal) through which to make the payment. After this, choose an appropriate delivery method (options include Itella Smartpost and Omniva pickup stations, courier services or self-pickup) and submit the order. After submitting the order, a confirmation and invoice will be sent to your designated e-mail address. When your order has arrived and the product is packed and shipped, you will also receive a notification to either pick up your order or to wait for a message from the delivery service.


Our products prices are in euros (€).

Urban Classics Estonia Ltd holds the rights to change product prices. The customer will be obligated to pay the price shown in the shopping cart and will not be affected by the changes if they have added the products to the checkout cart before changes. Fees of the delivery service or other additional services that we offer will be added to the total amount of the products in the cart depending on their cost.

Shipping and delivery

The goods are packaged and sent within 8 business days after the confirmation of the order and payment.

The merchandise is packaged and posted within 8 business days of order confirmation and payment (i.e. the contract coming into effect).

The merchandise is sent to the customer via Itella Smartpost or Omniva courier service. The customer also has the option of picking up the merchandise at the Filtri tee 1 (10132 Tallinn, Eesti) front desk on business days after 16:00, after receiving confirmation of the merchandise’s arrival. Urban Classics Estonia OÜ and its partners hold no responsibility for possible delays in delivery stemming from inaccurate data entered when submitting the order. As such, all responsibility for verifying the accuracy of the data lies on the customer.

Buying and using giftcards

Gift cards are valid for 12 months or exactly one year after obtaining them.

Gift cards are non-refundable.

Gift cards can be obtained for the sum of 25 €, 50 € or 100 €. Gift cards can only be used as payment. Each gift card has a unique code which becomes invalid after use. Gift cards may be re-gifted indefinitely, but a gift card may no longer be used after the code has been used up. Gift cards are valid for 12 months or exactly one year after obtaining them.

The gift card is placed in an envelope and transported based on the information provided in delivery data (Delivery data may have a different name, address and/or pickup station location from the holder of the payment method, if it is for a gift).

Returns and Exchanging

All outreach should be sent to the e-mail address info@www.streetshopone.ee

All transactions made within the Streetshop ONE Estonia online shopping environment are final, therefore always make sure all products added to the shopping cart are of the desired colors and sizes, and that the entered delivery information and contact number are correct. Before confirming your order, it is possible to obtain a size table for each product from the address info@www.streetshopone.ee.

In the case where the received product does not match the order at all, the cost of returns and exchanges will be covered by Urban Classics Estonia OÜ or the cost of the order and delivery expenses will be returned in their entirety. In this case, the return transfer will be processed upon receiving the customer outreach without delay, but no later than within 14 days.

In the case of a return due to product defect or other manufacturer error, Urban Classics Estonia OÜ (hereinafter: the vendor) should be notified within 2 months of discovery of the discrepancy via the e-mail address info@www.streetshopone.ee.

If the product does not meet promised conditions, the customer may demand its repair or replacement from the vendor, if this is possible and would not cause irrational expenses or unreasonable inconvenience to the vendor when compared to other resolution methods, taking into account the value of the item, the severity of the conflict of the item with the terms stated in the contract, as well as the customer’s ability to obtain an item matching the terms in the contract elsewhere without inconvenience. The vendor may choose to replace the item with one matching the terms of the contract (Law of Obligations; VÕS § 222 (1)) instead of repairing it. In the case of a defect or other error (color does not match image, unsuitable material, measurements do not match table) the product should be returned via Itella or Omniva package delivery services at the vendor’s expense, or returned to the Filtri tee 1, Tallinn 10132 front desk. Other expenses relating to returns via courier services are covered by the customer up to the value of 5 Euros.

Law of Obligations (VÕS) § 562 (4) states that in the case of returns, the customer is responsible for any decrease in item value caused by use in ways other than what is necessary to verify the item’s characteristics, properties and functions. To verify the item’s characteristics, properties and functions, the consumer should only handle and use the item as they would normally be allowed to do so at the shop. Urban Classics Estonia OÜ holds no responsibility for damage to the product as a result of the client’s fault or negligence, defects as a result of using the product in unintended ways, or natural wear of the product over time as a result of standard use.

According to Law of Obligations (VÕS) § 56 (1), the customer may renege on a remotely formed contract without disclosing a reason within 14 days. If the product was ordered via Itella or Omniva package delivery services, it is also possible to return the product within 14 days for free in this manner (with Itella, using the same door code with which the product was received, and with Omniva the return code is brought out in the SMS text). According to VÕS § 561 lg 1 the vendor will refund the full sum paid by the customer for the order or specific product without delay, but no later than within 14 days. The refunded sum includes all charges received from the customer on the basis of the contract, including delivery fees. Urban Classics Estonia OÜ has the right to reduce the refunded sum in the case where the product has been damaged by the customer.

NB! Products falling into the categories “underwear” and “socks & stockings” are not to be returned or exchanged (except in the case where the plastic package of the product has not been opened). The abovementioned products cannot be returned for hygienic reasons (Law of Obligations (VÕS) § 53 lg (4) p. 41).

The above terms apply according to Estonian law. If a section in the terms is trivial, it does not affect the application of the other terms. In the case of a trivial section, an applicable section for the type of contract will be deferred to as specified by law. Conflicts between parties will be attempted to resolve through mutual understanding obtained via negotiations, or in the Tartu county court if an agreement is not reached.

These terms are governed by Estonian and European Union law. If the terms of any of the provisions are void, it will not affect the validity of the remainder of the terms. Void provision shall apply instead of the law of this type of contract. Disputes between the parties will be attempted to be resolved through negotiations based on mutual understanding and if agreement is not reached, the parties will be required to go to court.